Our missionary approach into Africa is based on partnering with local pastors and providing them with financial support as well as leadership training. We work with Lonehill Village Church into Mozambique to help build churches, community centers and dig wells for water. There are many ways to support our outreaches. You can be a Prayer: You can join our Prayer Warrior team and get emails about prayer requests. You can pray for our next outreach; and/ or

  • You can be a Player. You can participate in the next outreach by joining our team for a weekend or a day outreach; and/ or
  • You can be a Payer by contributing financially to the outreach ministry.

As a church we also believe in giving to outreaches and missions but these are all based on relationships we have directly with people involved in those outreaches.

If you would like to provide in some way or get involved in the next outreach, please contact the Church Secretary at the church office.

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