Sermons by Di Timberlake

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Di is married to Doug and has 3 sons, Keaton, Hudson and Jordan. She runs her own business, training hundreds of managers and leaders to manage their businesses and achieve success. Her passion is in seeing people grow to their full potential, living lives centred on Jesus.

Take a selfie

Taking a selfie of our heart will reveal what we make our priority. Constant daily selfies will keep us aligned to our True North which is Jesus

It’s not Fair

not fair

Bible Verses Used: Matthew 20:1-16 Translation Used: New Living Translation Questions to contemplate and discuss: Performance versus Grace:  Do I find it in what I do? Do I find joy in what I do to serve God? Or do I find joy in God himself and his grace that is lavished on me? Ask yourself: […]

Back to Basics

Bible Verses Used: Genesis 2:8-18 Translation Used: New Living Translation Questions for Reflection and Discussion: What priorities have you put into your life for this year? How has your identity in Jesus affected your priorities? What is the purpose of the place you are in right now? How are you using resources that God has […]