Bible Verses Used:

Psalm 23

John 10: 3-5

John 10:11

John 10:14

John 10:25

Translation Used:


Questions for Reflection/Discussion:

1. How does the ladder of influence apply in our lives as the following points?

  • Filter
  • Assumptions
  • Conclusions
  • Belief
  • Behaviour

2.  Challenge behaviour in my circumstance from the Word of God

3. Do I view the world from a Psalm 23 perspective?

4. Who is my Shepherd? God only? or God and I?

5. How much is enough? Am I content?

6. What is my “er”? (Richer, Wiser etc.).

7. Do I believe I lack nothing?

8. Can we wait as described by the “Still water in the Psalm?”

9. Do we trust Him to lead us?

10. Can God discipline us if He is a God of love?

11. What are my assumptions about God?

12. What is my self-worth as I read the Pslam?

Conclusion: Who is my Shepherd?