Bible Verses Used:

Genesis 32: 9-12; 22-30

Matthew 14:23

Luke 6:12

Mark 1:35

Luke 5:16

Isaiah 40:31

James 4:7

Translation Used:

New Living Translation

Questions for Reflection and Discussion:

  1. How did you answer the question at the beginning: “If you want things in your life to improve, what do you think is the one thing you seriously need to do differently going forward?”
  2. Is there currently anything in your life that you find yourself  wrestling with God?  Share with your cell/ pray about it.
  3. Look up God’s promises, select the one which is most meaningful to you and share with your cell group/ journal. Why?
  4. What’s preventing you from spending proper time alone with God?
  5. How do you see prayer now? Is it different from before the message?
  6. How will that change your behaviour going forward?