Chartwell Village Church celebrated our 10th Anniversary with a wonderful thanksgiving service on Sunday 3rd March.

We gave our Father all the glory, honour and thanks,  not only for blessing us as a Body, but for touching the lives of each and every individual who has fellowshipped here since February 2009. We continue to serve our Lord Jesus Christ, as Head of Chartwell Village Church, and pray we continue to be led by the Holy Spirit at all times.

These are the testimonies of those who shared their walk and how they have been touched by Jesus through their fellowship at CVC

Thank You Father for Your goodness, Your grace, Your love, Your mercy, Your peace, Your power, Your provision, Your direction, Your protection, Your joy, Your strength, and Your guidance. Father,You are our all and all. Thank You for what You have done and for what You are doing in our lives. We love You and exalt You in Jesus name.