How do I add comments?

  • At the bottom of certain pages there is an option to add a comment.
  • If you are a subscriber, you can add a comment by typing in the container provided
  • Click on ‘Add Comment’

Why do I not see my comment on the website?

  • Your first comment will first have to be approved by an elder.
  • This is just a check in place to ensure that all content is appropriate.
  • Thereafter your comments will be published without delay.

Can I add photo’s to the Gallery?

  • Yes, you are welcome to contribute to the Church Gallery, especially with church related events and activities.
  • Speak to the Pastor or Church Secretary to be upgraded to a ‘Contributor’.

Can I add video’s to the website?

  • Video’s can be linked into the site, just speak to the Pastor or Church Secretary.
  • Uploading video’s – unfortunately not. We are very limited in regards to space on the server, and videos would take up too much space.

How do I become a subscriber?

  • Click on Join Us -> Register
  • Complete the details on the form
  • Click on ‘Register’
  • You will receive a Welcome email confirming that you are registered as a Subscriber.

How do I change the Password?

  • Click on the Login link
  • If you are already signed in:
    • Click on the button beneath your name – Edit Profile
    • Enter the new Password in the “Password” field.
    • Enter it again next to “Confirm your Password”
    • Click on “Save Changes”
  • If you are not signed in:
    • Click on “Forgot your Password?”
    • Enter either your username or email address
    • Answer the security question
    • Click on ‘Request Secret Key”
    • Check your email and copy the secret key from there
    • Paste it in: Your Secret Key
    • Enter the new Password in the “Password” field.
    • Enter it again next to “Confirm your Password”
    • Answer the security question
    • Click on “Change my Password”
  • You should now be able to login.

How do I add photos to the gallery?

  • Requirements before adding a photo:
    • Smaller than 300kb
    • Dimensions should be at least 600 x 400.
    • Jpeg format or png.
    • Category to which this picture will be added. (see ‘How do I add a Gallery Category?’)


  • Under the menu item called ‘Gallery’ choose the option ‘Add Photo or Video’.
  • First give a suitable name to the photo in the first white block (‘Enter title here’).
  • Scroll down and click on ‘Set Featured Image’.
  • You will see two tabs: ‘Upload Files’ and ‘Media Library’.
  • Choose ‘Upload Files’, click on ‘Select files’ and select the file you want.
  • Make sure it is not bigger than 300kb or bigger than 600 x 400.
  • Once it has been uploaded; on the right hand side, enter the same title as entered previously
  • Complete all the boxes – ‘Caption’, ‘Alt Text’, and ‘Description’.
  • Click on ‘Set featured image’. The picture will now be inserted.
  • Scroll down the page and tick ‘Allow comments’ and tick ‘Allow Trackbacks and pingbacks’.
  • Scroll to the Box that says ‘Gallery Categories’. Tick the box of the category to which this picture belongs.
  • If you wish to add the picture to another Category that is not listed, read the FAQ for ‘How do I add a Gallery Category?’
  • Tick the box next to ‘Show Sidebar Widgets’.
  • Click on Preview. You will now see a preview of your picture in another tab.
  • If everything looks fine, go back to your dashboard and click ‘Publish’.

How do I add a new Gallery Category?

  • On your dashboard under the option “Gallery” is the option “Gallery Categories”.
  • Under ‘Add Category’ type in the name of the new Category.
  • Add the ‘slug’, which should be a shortened version of the name of the category.
  • For example, if your category name was ‘December Holiday’, the slug should be ‘dec-holiday’. All lower letters and no spaces.
  • If it has another category under which it needs to be added, choose the other category as the ‘Parent’.
  • For example, with ‘December Holiday’, the Parent Category would be ‘Family Holidays’.
  • Add a description, which would normally be to describe the event with a date and some information.
  • Click on Add Category.

How do I add a new “How to Participate” Blog?

  • On you Dashboard, go to ‘Blog Posts’
  • Select ‘Add New’
  • Type the Title in the white box at the top, with the description ‘Enter Title Here’
  • Select the next big white box
  • Type the content here
  • On the right hand side, select the Category ‘How to Participate’
  • Remove the tick from ‘Show Sidebar Widgets’
  • On the top right, click the button ‘Preview’
  • If everything looks fine, go back to your dashboard and click ‘Publish’.

How do I add an event?

  • Click on ‘Add New’ under Events on the Dashboard.
  • Enter a Title for the Event
  • Enter the full details of the event
  • Add pictures if required by clicking on ‘Add Media’.
  • Set the Start Date as the date for the event
  • If the event takes place over more than one day (i.e. a whole month) add the end date accordingly.
  • Add the time of the event. Always use the same format every time.
  • Add recurrence if required, for example Sunday Service recurs weekly.
  • Add a recur until date for something that only repeats a set number of weeks, such as a course.
  • Under Venue you can add ‘Church Premises’ or
  • Add a physical address
  • Google map can be skipped. If you know the latitude and longitude of your location you are welcome to try this.
  • Add a short description to ‘Excerpt’ of what the event is about.
  • Tick ‘Allow comments’ and tick ‘Allow Trackbacks and pingbacks’.
  • If you add a ‘Featured Image’, this will be placed in the big block right at the top, and should therefore have dimensions of roughly 960 x 350 and be smaller than 400KB.  Pictures of other dimensions will distort, rather use ‘Add Media’ and add it in the description Box.
  • Leave Sidebar widgets ticked.
  • Click on Preview to see if everything is fine.
  • If everything looks fine, go back to your dashboard and click ‘Publish’.