When the country went into Lockdown, we met in small Home Church Groups online via Zoom or Skype. Some of the Home Churches are now combining their Sunday services with in-person meetings shared via Zoom/Skype with those who cannot attend physically. This is working wonderfully because members in various towns and country’s can belong to and fellowship with others from a Home Church. Should you wish to join us for fellowship, we will gladly slot you into one of these groups. Please let us know and we will contact you.

We have a Prayer Meeting from 08h15 to 08h45 on Sunday morning.

Our Service meeting time is on Sundays at  9:00 am

We are a Jesus-Centred Church Family and during our Fellowship together, we have a time of Holy Spirit led praise and worship, followed by a preached message. Our focus is always on Jesus Christ, what He said and what He did.