We are a group of people who belong to Chartwell Village Church and love reading. We meet once a month on a Saturday afternoon from 2pm till 4pm. Our meetings are not only about the books. We have a great time of fellowship and are there to support and pray for each other. We have a wonderful selection of books including Suspense novels, Family Drama, Devotionals, Biblical Teaching, Romance and many more. If you are a slow reader, there is no pressure to return the book you have borrowed after a month. We normally allow two months before the books need to be returned. You do not have to give a synopsis of what you have read unless it was so enjoyable that you would like to share with the rest of the group.

The meeting place is in one of the beautiful rooms available at Merrowdown Country Club. Every month someone takes a turn to host. This involves supplying the tea, coffee and a plate or two of eats.

The cost is a nominal R20 per person per month and the money collected goes to the host and is used to buy books of his/her choice. These are brought to the next month’s book club to be read by the members. After a year, these books belong to the person who bought them originally.

This is a wonderful way to invite your friends or family members who do not attend church to experience the love, support and fellowship of a Christian family, as well as hearing testimonies of what Jesus has done in our lives. The added bonus is to expose them to some really good reading.
We would love you to join us. Please contact the Church Secretary if you would like to be part of this special group:

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